5 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

It can be tough to determine when you need to call a plumber. Some issues seem like they may be able to get fixed easily, while others are flat out too complicated to even understand. With water problems, it’s not always smart to try a home fix. There are times where a plumber is necessary to help you with a complex problem. So, here are 5 signs that it’s time to pick up the phone and call your local plumber!


Nothing worse than finding that you’re out of hot water. However, some people tend to attribute the lack of hot water simply to unnecessarily long showers or overuse. This isn’t always the case! This can be a big problem brewing in your water heater. At times, the spikes in temperature can be a result of fuse malfunctions, igniter problems, or thermostat issues. It’s worthwhile to call a plumber and do an inspection before the heater problem escalates.


Well, this is probably the biggest problem that you could possibly have for plumbing. If your water isn’t even coming out of faucets, it’s time to call your plumber! Having no water is very out of the normal and isn’t something that you can take lightly. This is not the issue to try to self assess! Call your plumber right away when you have a problem with a lack of water.s.


I think we’ve all experienced this, the water heater starts clanging and making a LOT of noise. Sometimes we’re too afraid to try and diagnose what the issue is when it comes to a big water heater – and that is completely fine! Calling a plumber about your water heater is almost always the best solution. The noises could be a sign of a bad part or a leak, it could be unfixable except by a trained plumber.


It isn’t always a piece of hair stuck in the drain! You can try to fix drains if you can, but sometimes a little elbow grease isn’t going to cut it. You may need to call a plumber to deal with serious or recurring drainage problems. Plumbers have tools beyond your plunger and an old hanger, so they can get rid of big time drainage problems that are more serious than they may appear. Call the pros for when your drain won’t cooperate. 


The overflowing toilet is a classic blunder that seems to plague every household at least once. And while some people may have some home remedies, it can be difficult to properly fix the issue without professional help. Don’t try to fix it on your own, and even if the problem seems to fix itself temporarily, that doesn’t always signify that the problem is completely solved. Make sure to always contact a plumber if your toilet is having any problems.

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