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Water Treatment from Miller & Sons Plumbing

The water that we use in our sinks, showers and plumbing systems comes from deep underground. It must pass through stone deposits and calcium pockets as it travels to get to us. All of these leave their mark, and by the time water reaches your home it is filled with trace amounts of elements such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. This raw untreated mineral-rich liquid is what we call hard water.

Many people prefer not to have hard water in their home, so we turn to a process called softening it. Softening hard water removes all the harsh minerals that are present. If you want your water to be clean, fresh and free of any unwanted elements, installing a whole-house water filter system is crucial.

Popular Water Treatment Services


Soft water is good for your health! It’s important to know the different ways that you can get it. One way is by using a water softener, which will eliminate all of those effects from hard-water sources like calcium and magnesium in tap or well waters.

On Site Testing

The water in your home may be contaminated with arsenic and lead. You can protect yourself from these harmful impurities by having a comprehensive test performed at Miller & Sons Plumbing, the most trusted name for all things related to pipes!


At Miller & Sons Plumbing, we have friendly, knowledgeable professionals ready to help with your water filtration equipment service and maintenance needs.

Beverage Faucets

If you want a filter tap for filling reusable water bottles, I recommend installing one in your kitchen sink. This is usually called the ” Beverage Faucet” and connects with cold-water only
A great way to reduce waste from plastic straws while still enjoying delicious iced drinks at home or on vacation!

Sediment Build Up

Addition of minerals to water can lead to accelerated tank wear and need for replacement. This is because hard water contributes heavily towards the building up of sediments, which eventually could shorten your current heater’s lifespan or even make it break altogether.

Commercial Filtration

Removing organic and inorganic deposits is a concern for all water systems. Scales can cause corrosion, impede system performance, reduce capacity and production while films provide ideal breeding grounds for bacteria that may pose serious health risks to the public at large.

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