Two Essential Installations For Barn and Farm Plumbing


At Miller and Son’s plumbing, we understand that equestrian farms and barns have specific plumbing requirements that require both skill and experience. As a company based in the heart of the Horse Capitol of the World in Ocala, Florida, our staff has everything it takes to give you the perfect plumbing systems for your property.

Miller and Son’s Plumbing is properly licensed and trained to install Nelson Automatic Waterers and Pyranha SprayMaster systems, two instruments that reap tremendous benefits by saving time and money for our farm plumbing customers. We know that keeping your horses and livestock properly hydrated and rid of pesky insects is a must. Read on to find out how we can help!

Nelson Waterers

A constant supply of fresh clean water is a must when it comes to keeping equine and livestock happy and healthy. With over 20 styles available, there’s a Nelson Automatic Horse Waterer to fit any barn, paddock and animal.

With a stainless steel design that’s rust-free and a removable bowl that’s easy to clean, a Nelson waterer can help save time, essential for busy farm and horse people. It also comes with other benefits such as a convenient and easy shut-off feature for cleaning or preventing a hot horse from drinking too much, a water consumption meter that displays in gallons how much water your horse is drinking, an optional energy-efficient heater and thermostat for when it gets cold and a patented balance beam actuated water valve to maintain constant water and no floating objects that could cause harm.

This image depicts horses in a field with a Nelson Waterer product.

Pyranha Fly Spray Systems

Just one installation and you’ll enjoy year-round insect control for both you and your animals. Pyranha’s Spray Master is an insect control barn misting system that combines excellent quality and leading technologies to effectively handle harmful flying and biting insects in and around horse barns

From the natural, pesticide-free Zero-Bite concentrated formula to the spider-fighting properties of Bug Armor, Pyranha offers cutting-edge pest control solutions that your equine (family, friends, clients, cows, goats and otherwise) will thank you for.

With a system expandable for barns up to 80 stalls, you need experienced professionals to install this state-of-the-art system to control your barn and farm insect problems.

This photo depicts horses in a field with Pyranha Fly Spray products.

At Miller and Sons Plumbing, we love our Ocala community and the equestrians who make up a great part of it. For years, it’s been our pleasure to suggest, install and repair these instruments that make your life easier. If you have any questions about farm plumbing or other types of services call or visit our website today!

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