Three Most Popular Kitchen Sink Styles


Upgrading your kitchen sink can have a tremendous effect on the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen. Choosing the perfect sink for your space may seem overwhelming, but learning a little about some of the most popular sink styles can help you decide which is the most ideal for you. If it’s time to give your kitchen an essential upgrade, keep reading to see some of your best options.

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Drop-In Sinks

Also known as top mount sinks, drop-in sinks are some of the simplest to install because they go right on top of the counter and usually don’t require any special hardware. Because they are generally the most cost-effective option on the market, drop-in sinks are a top choice for consumers. These sinks come in many sizes, from a single bowl as shown above, to as many as three basins. With long-lasting durability and easy maintenance, drop-in sinks are a great option for your kitchen revamp.

Granite Composite Sinks

Made from one of the most scratch-resistant materials available, a granite composite sink is a heavy duty and visually appealing option. Customers who choose this sink are impressed with its ability to withstand high heat and pressure and how easy it is to clean, all due to the density of the rock. Though on the more expensive side, granite sinks offer premium benefits and come in all shapes and sizes.

SS Undermount Single Bowl Sink

A stainless steel sink offers a polished look while also being a slightly softer material that helps keep fragile dishware from breaking. A benefit of the undermount sink is the ability to easily sweep food or liquids into the sink because there’s no lip barrier. Undermount sinks, as the name suggests, must be installed from under the countertop. This installation requires mounting equipment so it’s usually a good idea to let a professional handle this one. If you don’t know of any, we’d be happy to recommend one for you to contact! 

When it comes to beautifying your kitchen, the sink is the best place to start. If you’re looking for easy installation, maintenance or clean up, there are many great options for you! If you need help with installation or repair, call on the professionals and our experienced team will be happy to take care of your sink needs.

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