Plumber and Money Saver


Who doesn’t like to save money? I know I do. Especially to save money on plumbing.

I came across a great article on the Ferguson Plumbing Supply website. The article discusses how to save money and conserve water.

It starts with your toilets. As a result, you can save money.

Switching your outdated toilets is the first step on helping you save money on plumbing. Look into the low-flow that use less gallons per flush. By doing this, you use less water and save energy, especially if you are on a well. For instance, it shows that you can cut your water consumption by 20% to 60%, save 13,000 gallons of water just in one year, and ave about $2,200 over its lifetime. This will help, not only the environment, but your wallet as well.

Read the article in the link below to learn how you can do your part on helping the environment and saving money on plumbing.

In addition, you can visit our website and learn how you can get your new toilet installed today.

The best part, most toilets have rebates that could be applied for!

In conclusion, read the article and see how we can assist you in getting your fixtures upgraded and saving some money today.

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