Hurricane Dorian Relief

Donations being accepted for Bahamas

The Marion County Builders Association is accepting donations to help with those who lost everything in the Bahamas. Over the past few days, we have been monitoring Hurricane Dorian and have seen the massive impact it has made on the Bahamas for over 36 excruciating hours. So many people lost everything and are now left without shelter, food, water, clothing, and some have lost their lives. The Marion County Builder’s Association is taking donations listed below until Monday morning. They need all donations by 10:00 am so they can be sent and immediately dispersed to those in need in the Bahamas. If you are able to donate, please drop off by Monday at 10:00 am to 3887 SE Lake Weir Ave Ocala, FL 34480. If you are able to donate and cannot get the goods to the drop off location, please let us know and you can drop them off at our shop at 7365 SW 38th Street 34474 and I will bring them with me on Monday morning. Anything helps at this point.  

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