Hard vs. Soft Water


The terms hard and soft water are common, but relatively vague. You may be questioning how to determine which kind of water is safer. All water contains minerals, and the concentration of minerals is what determines the difference between hard and soft water. Let’s break down the differences between the two and how to treat issues that arise with hard water.

What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Water?

Water collects small particles of different minerals as it travels from its source to your faucet. This can include calcium and magnesium, which are the two minerals that determine hardness. The more calcium and magnesium in water, the higher its water hardness. Soft water, in contrast, contains little to no calcium and magnesium, which is better for your skin and your pipes. 

How Bad is Hard Water?

When consumed, hard water is not harmful to your body. You likely won’t notice hard water from consumption, although you might pick up on a change in flavor depending on the hardness. While the minerals in hard water will not actively harm your body when ingested, it can damage your skin and hair. The minerals in hard water can strip your body of natural oils and cause a mineral buildup. This leads to not feeling cleaner after bathing, skin conditions worsening, nad hair becoming stiff and falling. 

Hard water also has very damaging effects on your home and your pipes. When hard water collects on showerheads and faucets, or dries on dishes, it causes a mineral buildup that quickly becomes noticeable. White spots or streaks on dishes or other places where water comes into contact is caused by hard water. When this buildup occurs in pipes or other appliances, the minerals can cause clogs that break down pipes and cause significant problems. 

How Do I Treat Hard Water? 

Filtration systems are the best solution to soften water and prevent any damages that may occur from mineral buildup. Hard water treatment is simple; by removing the calcium and magnesium, the water becomes much safer and better to use. 
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